If you want to play rugby with Newport News, you need to show up to practices, be CIPPed, and pay dues.


CIPP stands for Club and Individual Participation Program, but it is basically synonymous with membership in USA Rugby. The main reason to be CIPPed is that you will not be playing rugby in the United States without it, but it does also have side benefits like 15% off certain hotels. Included in being CIPPed is liability insurance in case you run over a ref or bystander at a match.

Since Fall 2013, dues from Capital Geographic Union, which we are a part of, are taken from CIPP fees rather than paid by the club. That increases your CIPP to $60, paid once a year. Because of this increase, we have lowered our team dues enough that you pay less overall per year.

Membership expires August 31, so if you CIPPed in the Fall, you do not need to CIPP in the Spring. If you are CIPPed with another team, you will need to transfer to our team. If you want to play in the Fall season, wait until after August 1 to CIPP, or it will count for the previous year.


Dues for each season will be $100 per player. Dues are payable to club Treasurer. Checks should be made out to NNRFC. Now you can also pay online below! Club dues go to the purchase of equipment, game jerseys, fees for referees, and socials after home games, among other things, and are essential to keep the club running. Note that dues are per season, not per year.

To help cover all these reduced costs, we will be charging $10 per adult non-player non-social member at the socials. So, if you are bringing a wife and kids, either pay $10 per social to our Treasurer or sign her up as a Social Member below. The kids get in for free.


Pay for the Season
Dues - $100

Non-Players at the socials
Per Season - $50
Per Social - $10


The team offered four items of gear for sale last Fall: rugby shorts with the team's logo embroidered, socks in the team color, a warmup jersey, and a polo. Proceeds from the sale of these items directly benefit the club, but our main goal here is to make us look like a cohesive team on the field, while warming up for a game, or when at a block party. We will be gauging demand and possibly placing another order early this Fall as we are sold out of everything but socks now. Other polos and t-shirts remain from earlier sales, so if you are interested please contact the club Treasurer.

Pay Online

You can now pay for dues and gear online with Paypal! Both Paypal accounts and credit cards are accepted.

Important: After entering credit card information, be certain to click "add" next to "Who is this membership for?" and enter your name so that we can properly credit you.

Dues: $100
Are you paying standard dues for a season? Then this is for you.

Nonstandard Member Dues: Variable
Have you overpaid and have a credit? Are you paying by the game? Then this is for you.

Social Member Dues: $50
Just want to hang out with us at the socials? Are you an old boy keeping up with the club? Then this is for you.