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Child Protection - Version 2 (7 pages)

5. Recruitment Policy:   5.1 North Ribb RUFC will take all the reasonable steps to exclude anyone who poses a threat to children.    5.2 Positions must be advertised with an appropriate job description.   5.3  Any individual engaged in regul

Subscriptions (1 page)

Club subscriptions Life Members £250 Players £5 Vice Presidents £20 minimum Social Member £5 Junior section £50 first child £25 other siblings

Honours (1 page)

Yorkshire Two Champions 2009-10 Yorkshire One Champions 1993-94 Yorkshire Two Champions 1987-88 Yorkshire Shield Winners 1977-78

Anti-Bullying Policy (1 page)

POLICY ON BULLYING “THE CLUB” takes seriously the problems caused by bullying and is committed to providing an environment in which bullying or any other form of harassment are not tolerated in any form. The Club will ensure that all of its membe

Child Protection (1 page)

NORTH RIBBLESDALE RUFC CHILD PROTECTION POLICY THE TASK Everyone working in Rugby Union has a role to play in safeguarding the welfare of young people under the age of 18 playing youth rugby and preventing abuse of youth players. The welfare of youth pla

Code of Conduct (3 pages)

Spectators Code of conduct Young rugby players are impressionable and their behavior will often reflect that of the adults around them. In Rugby Union we welcome spectators on our touchlines who embrace the ethos of the game as one of FUN, ENJOYMENT and S

Constitution 2010+ (1 page)

RULES AND CONSTITUTION Revised 1st September 2010 Mini & Junior Section (Appendix A) added November 1999 Rule 1Title The name of the Club shall be called the North Ribblesdale Rugby Union Football Club. Rule 2Objects The objects of th


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