Sponsors and club boards
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Sponsors and club boards
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1. Sponsors

We are very fortunate to benefit from the generous support of our principal sponsor Higgins Group Plc.
Higgins Group Plc is one of the largest family-owned construction companies in South East England. It was formed as the parent company of the Higgins Group of Companies in 1989. The Higgins Group moved to their prestigious new offices at One, Langston Road in May 2005.

The development and success of the club would not have been possible without the long term and continuing commitment of the company to our club.

Could you also sponsor Old Loughtonians Hockey Club?

It is important that the club continues to attract additional sponsorship.  We welcome all levels of sponsorship and potential bespoke packages are available to interested parties.

Sponsorship can range from pitchside boards (on either of our pitches) to individual team or player deals.  We welcome local sponsors in particular as well as national and international sponsors especially those with an interest in hockey.

Members introducing sponsors to the club will benefit from a year's free membership themselves. Please contact our chairman Phillip Wheater or our president Richard Higgins to put forward any proposal.  All ideas welcome.

Pitch-side Boards and free membership for a year

The cost to support the club and advertise on a pitch-side hoarding is currently

(a) £500 a year for a pitch-side board 3ft by 12ft (3660mm x 885mm); and

(b) £650 a year for a goal end board 4ft by 12ft (3660mm x 1220mm).

There is an initial cost for the board to be made (£265 for a pitch-side board and £283 for a goal end board). The board will be made to the sponsor's own chosen design.   

The sponsor can set off the initial cost of manufacturing and installing the board against the cost of membership for a player for one year.

Pro bono

The club would like to thank Taylor Wessing LLP for the generous pro bono tax and other legal advice it has given to the club in connection with its incorporation and other corporate and commercial issues.


The club would also like to thank Peter Joarder for allowing the club to use photographs from his collections.

Old Loughtonians Association

Finally the club would like to thank the OLA for its continued and longstanding involvement with and support for the club.