ONRFC Mission Statement

Old Northamptonians RFC
Mission Statement
“Our mission at Old Northamptonians RFC is to promote, foster and develop the game of rugby football in Northamptonsire and surrounding communities, to encourage participation in the game by people from all sections of society and the community, whether as players, coaches, referees, administrators or spectators, and to provide the appropriate facilities for all who wish to participate”
Our Vision
● We want Old Northamptonians RFC to be to the best sports club in the Northamptonshire and the best rugby club in the East Midlands.
● For our club to be the object of respect and admiration in the Northamptonshire area and in the community that makes up the greater East Midlands area.
● We want our teams and players at all levels to be feared on the field of play, but respected and admired for the manner in which they play and in which they accept both victory and defeat.
● We want our club to be one that our members and the community are justly proud of, and that others enjoy visiting.
● We want Old Northamptonians RFC to be the model that others aspire to emulate, both on and off the field of play.
● we recognise that this vision will only be achieved if all members of the club are committed to it and act at all times with integrity and in a spirit of sportsmanship and fair play in their dealings with each other and with outsiders.
Our Values
● We respect and value the traditions of our club and the traditions and spirit of rugby and we endeavour at all time to behave in a manner consistent with them.
● We recognise that our club must offer the individual member enjoyment, an opportunity to participate and a sense of personal achievement.
● We recognise that our club has many members, all individuals, but with a common interest; we respect individuality and diversity and seek the contributions of all to the development of our club.
● We value and appreciate the voluntary efforts and commitment of all who administer, play or work for, or otherwise contribute to the well-being and development of our club.
● We recognise that the administration of our club and its affairs is a major task requiring the input and effort of many.
● We accept and abide by the rulings and decisions of the club officers and committee, recognising that these are made honestly and in the best interests of the club by those whom we have elected for this purpose.
● We recognise the team nature of rugby football and the need for us all to work together in pursuit of our mission and towards the achievement of our vision.
● We recognise the importance of sport and physical activity in the development of children and young people and we endeavour to provide the youth of the area with the opportunity, facilities, organisation and coaching expertise to enable them to learn, play and enjoy rugby in a structured, safe and properly regulated environment.
● We are aware of and adhere to the RFU’s Child Welfare Policies and we support initiatives by the RFU and Sport England on matters relating to children’s sport in England.