Redhill FC Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Redhill FC Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Redhill FC have published the club's COVID -19 Risk Assessment. August 2020

FA Guidance
Affiliated clubs organising and/or hosting football activities
have a legal duty to take reasonable care to avoid acts or
omissions which are a reasonably foreseeable risk. A risk
assessment is a systematic review of the tasks, jobs or
processes involved when your club organises, facilitates
and/or hosts football activities. The purpose is to identify
the significant hazards, the risk of someone being harmed
and deciding what further control measures you must take
to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.
Risk assessments should cover all risks, including those
associated with the Covid-19 pandemic and how the club
intends to ensure that its members and activities will
operate within the Government guidance.

For more information please contact our COVID - 19 Officer /Club Welfare Officer, Ian Higgins by email


Redhill FC COVID19 Risk Assessment 2