Sat 11
Huddersfield 2nd XV
2nd XV
Huddersfield 2's vs Sheffield 2's

Huddersfield 2's vs Sheffield 2's

By Tom King
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Gareth Morley racks up his first win of the season but doesn't touch the ball.

The mighty 2s made a lengthy trip travelling at a painful 30mph to Huddersfield with speed cameras hitting every corner of every road. When everyone had finally arrived spirits were high, especially following on from last week’s poor performance against Yarnbury. The Vicious Viking made an appearance followed by Dave at 2 and Watson at 3. The second rows consisted of TK and Hopkinson with a back row of Angus, Rob Holland and Adders. 2nd team captain Brad Chandler played at 9, Josh Leonard at 10, 11 Ben Parker, 12 Ed Anglin with wings of 1st team chirpy Ali Womack and Gaz Morley with Brett at 15.

First half:

The game got off to a great start for Sheffield. Our lines were sharp and the off loads were quick. We scored endlessly with some great play between the pack, 9 and 10. It’s fair to say that Sheffield’s forwards had the game well and truly secured.

With the tries rolling in, Sheffield started to lose the basics of the game. Less and less forwards hit the rucks resulting in a great turn over ball from Huddelsfield. Unfortunately this moment of fame didn’t last for Huddelsfield as they soon knocked the ball on after just 1 phase.

Huddelsfield were making many handling errors and making very few yards. The scrummage from both teams were fairly even which gave both teams an equal battle. After the rocky start for Huddelsfield the game soon started to open up. This allowed them score a decent try due to our mistakes. We quickly realised our errors and scored another 2 great tries before the second half.

Second half:

9 minutes into the second half Sheffield was awarded a line out. Sheffield decided on a maul option using our bigger pack to our advantage. Brad used this opportunity to ship the ball out wide to Josh who then hit a lovely boss ball to Ali. Sheffield then played back inside 3 phases to score under the posts.

Very soon after this Huddelsfield looked very dangerous with the ball in their back line until Tom King lined up an incredible hit on their 14 giving Sheffield the advantage due to a knock on.

At this point it was only fair to say Huddelsfield had well and truly lost the game but their spirits were still high. Battling on as the Blues put try after try behind their sticks. From this point on, the game is pretty much a crash ball off Brad. This was followed by 2 blacks from the forward, 1 red and try to follow.

Over all a great game. There was some good exhibition of skills and talents on display throughout the game from all players on both sides.

With so many tries it was hard to keep up with who scored what and when.

The final score was 5-63 to sheffield.

Try count;

Adders 2
Ben Hopkinson 2
Angus 1
Joshua Leonard 1
Ed Angling 1
Ben Parker 2
Tadhg 1

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