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1. Your First Match

The following is what normally happens on match day.

Meet at the ground.
It's tradition for players to travel to matches in club tie, shirt, and trousers. Birmingham Bulls has sand coloured chinos, pale blue shirt, and club tie (which is available from the treasurer).

Get Changed
The club provide shirt, shorts, and socks for match day. You will need to bring your boots, mouth guard, and any other kit you wish to wear (sports shorts, under armour type kit, scrum caps).

Warm Up
Before kick off we warm up, and run through some of the key moves and plays.

The Match
Best part of the day - 80 minutes of competitive rugby. The referee is always referred to as 'Sir'
If you are not playing then you need to have your playing shirt covered.

You may also be asked to 'run touch' which is marking where the ball (or player in possession) goes over the touch line. You should also bring a kicking tee on for the kicker when a try is scored, and water to the rest of the team.

Immediately After The Match
A tunnel will be formed for the opposition team to go through. All players should be part of this - even if the are subbed off/injured. After the tunnel we will huddle as a team.

Shower, change, beer and food
If we are at home it is shower and change back into shirt and tie, then off to Eden for food with the opposition. If it is an away match the food is usually at the clubhouse where the match is played.

The Night Out
As most of the teams we play involve some travelling, there is usually a night out with the opposition. If it is a larger event there may be a Kangaroo Court, where misdemeanours from the previous night (or further) are argued and punished.