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  • The place kick

    The place kick:

    Place the ball on the T with the valve facing downwards and the seam of the side you are kicking the ball facing the posts. This exposes the 'sweet spot' and makes the kick seem effortless.

    Take four steps back, facing the posts, and imagine a third post in between the two posts which is what you should be aiming for.

    Take five steps to the side and before you go to kick, keep a strong base and practice the angle you are going to kick the ball at.

    It is helpful to imagine a piece of string going from the base of the ball to the third post you've imagined.

    Clear your mind of anything but the kick. Your sole focus should be on the 'sweet spot'

    Plant foot should be shoulder width apart, next to the ball. Keep your body upright and your shoulder tight.

    Keep your eyes on the ball at all times.

    Adjust your kick depending on the wind conditions.

    Once you have struck the ball, it is really important that you take your weight all the way through the ball to get your power and distance.

    Where your shoulders end up facing, is where the ball is likely to end up.
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