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10. 2012-13 Season

VP's (min contribution £25) and Player Sponsor Packages (Gold £160, Silver £80 & Bronze £50 - see document beneath for full details) will be listed here and will also be included in every match day programme.

Paid up Club Members, VP's and Gold Package Player Sponsors for 2012-13 season all receive a Members Discount Card that gives a variety of benefits, from discounts at many outlets to discounted bar prices at Shaft Road. VP's & Player sponsors will also be listed in all 1st XV Match Day Programmes and this Website, will be entered into a draw for International tickets and will be invited to our annual Presidents Day before a selected league match.

Players & Their sponsors as at 19/7/12:

Ricketts, Jack (John Ricketts)
Ellis, Zak (Gary Lynch)
Weier, Isaac (Rob Archer)
Lilley, Sean (Paul Ealey Flooring http://www.paulealeyflooring.co.uk )
Lane, Ali (Pat & Donna Bunton)
Newman, Craig (Glen Flavell - A.D.E. Electrical & Security http://adeelectricalandsecurity.co.uk )
Ascott, Aidan (Dave Gould - DG Windows http://dgwindows.co.uk )
Simkins, Greg (Eileen Simkins)
Hine, Dan (Mark Butt - Butt Building Services)
Beazer, Jack (L&C http://www.lcplc.co.uk )
Erickson, Chris (CE Plastering http://www.ceplastering.co.uk )
Bazell, Greg (Embroidery UK Ltd http://www.embroideredsportskit.co.uk )
Yuille, Charlie (Erwin Davis & Tye Shaw)

Stainer, Rich (Julian & Sandra Stainer)
Parry, Karl (Atkinson Equipment Ltd http://www.atkinsonequipment.com/ )
Thomas, Ian (Jim Yuille)


Vice Presidents:
Moore, Rob
Bunton, Donna
Gillow, Mark
Clifford, Wayne
Ghent, David
Gay, David
Perry, Brendan
Henderson, Roger
Pedder, John
Lynch, Gary
Abrahams, Brad
Chapman, Tony
Moxon, John
Brown, Jerry
Ricketts, John
Archer, Rob
Ealey, Paul
Shaw, Chris
Moore, Jonny
Gould, Martyn
Flavell, Glen
McGowan, Joe
Cox, Ian
Gould, Dave
Liberty, Chris
Simkins, Eileen
Piper, Rob
Bunton, Pat
Edwards, Keith
Combes, Alan
Sampson, Barbara
Butt, Mark
Orchard, Ali
Ascott, Shaun
Stainer, Julian
Stainer, Sandra
Lintern, John
Lilley, Karen
Lilley, Chris
Morris, Lee
Sweet, Paul
Perkins, Paul
Ford, Kevin
Blaxter, John
Shaw, Ty
Erickson, Chris
Carlton-Porter, Bob
Cooper, Nicki
Schofield, Ashley
Humphries, Gordon
Moxham, Clive
Perry, Chris
Simpson, Ian
Whitfield, R
Brint, Rodney
Hole-Jones, Tiny
Davis, Erwin
Steel, Tony
Farnham, Roy
Shaw, Tye
Appleby, Harry
Atkinson, Jan
Yuille, Jim
Lilley, Craig
Redman, Nigel

Please take a look at the attached document and see how you can help us make next season even more successful than the historic 2011-12 one.