2021 - 22 Season
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1. 2021 - 22 Season

Life Vice President - Please contact Pat Bunton for more information by clicking on the link... https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/oldfieldoldboys/contact

Vice President - Minimum donation £25.

Player Sponsorship Packages -

Gold £160
Silver £80
Bronze £60

Paid up Club Members, Life VP's, VP's and Player Sponsors for the 2021/22 season will all receive an Oldfield RFC Members Discount Card that gives discounted bar prices in the Clubhouse. 

Life VP's, VP's & Player Sponsors will also be listed on the Oldfield RFC Website and will also be entered into free draws for International tickets, along with being invited to our annual Presidents Day Buffet before a selected 1st XV home league fixture.

Players & Their Sponsors:

Joe Russell - Sponsored by SO Fit Bath https://www.sofitbath.com/
Ben Escott - Sponsored by Kevin Escott
Luke Byrne - Sponsored by Synthesis Projects Ltd https://synthesisprojects.co.uk/
Max Regan - Sponsored by Chris Liberty

Arron Collins-Thomas - Sponsored by TONIQ https://toniqlife.com/
Harry Godwin - Sponsored by Pat & Donna Bunton
Sam Dron - Sponsored by Pat & Donna Bunton
Ali Lane - Sponsored by Tony Chapman
Matt Taylor - Sponsored by Richard, Joanne & Dan Harrington
Ben Lansdown - Sponsored by Andrew Doherty
Tom Kenwright - Sponsored by Andrew Doherty
Harry Smith - Sponsored by Andrew Smith
Rickie Gibson - Sponsored by Fiona Godwin
Jake Mole - Sponsored by Simon Wynne
Dave Kelly - Sponsored by Julian & Sandra Stainer
Charlie Yuille - Sponsored by Julian & Sandra Stainer
James Ambler - Sponsored by James Falzon London Financial Growth https://www.londonfinancialgrowth.co.uk/
Rhys Redman - Sponsored by Mark Butt
Bertie Kennedy - Sponsored by Mark Butt

Jack Ricketts - Sponsored by John Ricketts
Luke Doherty - Sponsored by John Ricketts
Taelor Bowen - Sponsored by FIX IT! Decorating info@fixitdecorating.com

Life Vice Presidents:

Pat Bunton
Graham Pitman - European Television Guild https://www.eurotvguild.com/ and Rapid TV News https://www.rapidtvnews.com/

Vice Presidents:

Geoff Carter - Sabre Insurance https://sabre.co.uk/ GO Girl https://gogirl.co.uk/
Ollie Hayes - SO Fit Bath https://www.sofitbath.com/
Sarah Hayes - SO Fit Bath https://www.sofitbath.com/
Rob Moore - JMS Rugby https://www.jmsrugby.co.uk/
Greg Simkins
Lizzie Lilley
Chris Quintin
Tony Chapman
Angela Chapman
Jerry Brown
Stewart Holness - Lighthouse Advisors http://www.lighthouse-advisors.co.uk/
Donna Bunton
Arron Collins-Thomas - TONIQ https://toniqlife.com/
John Ricketts
Steve Taylor - Steven Taylor Plumbing + Heating + Stove Fitting http://steventaylor.help/
Rob Piper
Richard Harrington
Joanne Harrington
Daniel Harrington
Andrew Doherty
Alan Combes
Andrew Smith
Matt Stoaling
Taelor Bowen - FIX IT! Decorating info@fixitdecorating.com
Fiona Godwin
Simon Wynne
Luke Byrne - Synthesis Projects Ltd https://synthesisprojects.co.uk/
Gordon Humphries
Chalkie White
John Lintern
Chris Shaw
Erwin Davis
Craig Lilley
Helen Lilley
Julian Stainer
Sandra Stainer
James Falzon - London Financial Growth https://www.londonfinancialgrowth.co.uk/
Harry Appleby
Phil Chant
Dave Gould
Tessa Gould
Martyn 'Nelly' Gould
Chris Liberty
Mark Butt
Ashley Schofield
Roger Haig
John Blaxter
Peter Crouch

1st XV Match Day Sponsors:


18/09/21 St Bernadettes Old Boys


02/10/21 Tor
23/10/21 Minehead Barbarians


06/11/21 Bristol Harlequins
27/11/21 Yatton


11/12/21 Weston-Super-Mare II
18/12/21 Hornets II


15/01/22 Stothert & Pitt - Sponsored by Chris Liberty
29/01/22 Wells - Sponsored by The Harrington Family


19/02/22 Avon


12/03/22 Crewkerne


02/04/22 Imperial
23/04/22 Nailsea & Backwell