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We pride ourselves on being a friendly, completely inclusive club, offering hockey for everyone between 5 and 75+ regardless of standard.

Please join us by following this link:
Join Woking Hockey Club

When asked to apply for a role, please select club member as well as player, coach or parent. Parents need to join as a parent in the first instance, and then add their child/ren afterwards.

If you are applying as a player, please select the team which you think is most likely to reflect your playing standard. Your section chair will contact you to help you find the right team and can subsequently move you if required.

If applying for a junior member, please select the relevant age group and gender for your child.

• All players and parents must ensure that they accept emails from the club so that they receive news and selection requests

• Availability and selection for matches will be managed via pitchero

• All communication to club members is via the website. This is why confirming your email and allowing access for club communication is so important.

• All players age 14 and over should have their own email registered for club communication. Parents will continue to receive the same information.

• Please download the Pitchero app to keep in touch with the club and up-to-the minute selection information and news

For issues with the access to the database or with registration to Pitchero, please contact their support team directly.
Click here to reset your password.

If you are still experiencing issues with resetting your password, or need additional Pitchero registration support, then please contact support: